Ruud van Werf Nursery focuses on developing and introducing new varieties. We do this by hybridizing exisiting species. We also are actively looking for new in species in nature. By working innovatively and working together with hybidizers, we can expect beautiful new varieties in the future.

We would like to introduce you to our latest innovations. Indicated below. These are now in production and fully available.

Skimmia ‘Pabella’ (R)

Skimmia ‘Pabella’ is a novelty at our nursery. It was originally found at my cousin Roland van der Werf. Your are probably wondering what’s special about this Skimmia? Not only are the berries beautifully red in color, there are also many bunches on one plant. These berries remain attached to the plant for a very long time without being eaten by birds.

These are visually available from week 40 to 49.


Clematis “Avalanche” (R)

This evergreen Clematis is one of the New Zealand type Clematis. The flowers are distinguished by their large size, rich flower arrangement and long flowering time. The Avalanche is also a very healthy and strong strain that you can enjoy for a long time.

This variety is visually available from weeks 3 to 18.

Magnolia ‘Cleopatra’ (R)

This naturally vital and richly flowering magnolia certainly lives up to its name. The dark pink / red flowers have a nice round shape. The plant will flower more profusely as it gets older.

This variety is available from week 1 to 15.



We are a wholesale nursery and do not do private sales.